Move over ladies, the Guy Power Club is here to stay


The Guy Power Club will host a guest speaker next month who will present highlights from his book, "If Toxic Masculinity is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right."

Move to the left feminists, guy power is coming to St. Pius X and members are piling in quickly. With the increased female demographic at St. Pius, President Chad Barwick is implementing this movement as a social studies credit for all grade levels.

“Females in today’s world have it so easy and it is time we shed some light on the males in our school community,” Mr. Barwick said.

The class will be taught by none other than Mr. Sean Hiland who is thrilled that this movement is finally getting the attention it deserves.

“This movement is so much more important than the Girl Power Club, so we made it an actual core class. I took the responsibility of teaching this course because our students need to be taught how to be a man,” Mr. Hiland said.

Although this new course has seen shade from some female members of the St. Pius community, male faculty and students are continuing to persevere through the hate as they have done throughout recent history.

“This new class will finally give us a much-needed voice in the St. Pius X community,” Coach Matt Anderson said.

Mr. Mike Scirocco agreed saying, “Being a man is all about toughness and strength. I am excited that more manliness is coming to Pius other than myself.”

Some of the highlights of the class include weekly weight lifting sessions, building fires, hiking field trips, and other sports activities. Applications for the class were sent out last Tuesday and the course is filling up fast. Some of the prerequisites are that you have to read “Trump: The Art of the Deal for summer reading, and you have to be a male.

“I cannot wait to be apart of a movement where I can fully unleash my manliness. This new course is just the thing St. Pius X needs,” junior Tommy Fry said.

If you love masculinity and finally want males to have a voice in our school community, then sign up for the Guy Power course next fall and bring manliness to St. Pius X.

As Rosie the Riveter said, “Always remember, Guys did it first.”