Major campus changes and upgrades on the horizon

Every year, money raised from the St. Pius X Annual Fund does its very best bridge the gap between tuition and the cost to educate educate each student as well as making improvements to our campus.  However, it goes without saying that our school isn’t perfect. At least not yet. After one of the largest donation campaigns in the history of the school this year, the Advancement Office is proud to announce brand new  many new changes to our campus.

“You’ve been complaining, and we’ve been listening,” Director of Advancement Mrs. Jenn Sedlack said smiling as she wrapped a rubber band around a fresh stack of $20 bills.

First on the list is addressing the long walk to campus from the Shallowford parking lot, which as most students know is “hard, long, and disruptive,” in the words of junior Maggie Braswell.

“Suffer no more, my children,” Mrs. Sedlack said. “In August, we’ll debut moving sidewalks inside of a heated tunnel that runs from the Shallowford lot to the main campus. From there, the tunnels will split off in multiple directions with drop off points in various locations to minimize students’ exposure to the elements. Imagine gerbil tubes, but way classier.”

Naturally, students were thrilled when told about the new million dollar infrastructure project.

“I’m so thankful my tuition dollars are going to support the students fighting hard in that walk. Even though I do not park there, I will probably still use the moving walkway and indoor heating just to feel involved in the school!” sophomore MP Lynch exclaimed.

Unfortunately, it appears that you clearly can’t please everyone, like junior Anna Galvin. “I honestly still prefer the cold walk and just make sure to take the longer route, but, like, I’m so proud of my school for responding to people’s suffering,” Galvin complained.

The Advancement Office has also allocated a sizable portion of this year’s Annual Fund to install a swimming pool in the senior courtyard.

“We know many students have enjoyed hanging out there and taking selfies with the Jesus statue, but we really thought it best to bulldoze the lot and put in something that more accurately reflects who we are as a school,” Dean of Students Ms. Rachel Braham explained. “We like to have fun, but “we also want to form the mind, body, and spirit of each student in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The first thing that popped into my head was a swimming pool. Plus, it’s way more practical. We can take a quick dip on those hot August afternoons and even host exclusive pool parties on teacher workdays.”

“AND,” President Chad Barwick chimed in, “the pool also allows our swim and dive team to stop driving to Dynamo, which has been their cross to carry for some time now.”

Junior swimmer Riley Hendrix was thrilled when she heard the news. “Now I will actually have a reason to talk about swimming at school, and I am super excited to just jump in whenever!” she exclaimed.

Junior Christa Brunner agreed, stating, “The pool is cool! Swimming is winning!”

“I heard about it and I am just, like, super super excited to see the total outcome and glad its going in the courtyard,” junior Adeline Moody said.

Last but not least, St. Pius has signed a contract with the food delivery program Postmates. For years, students often are faced with the dilemma of swinging by the Roar Store for a snack or being on time to class. Now with Postmates, students can simply order food to the classroom, instead of running to and from Roar Store.

“When confronted with a problem, what do we do? Throw money at it!” Mrs. Sedlack chanted in unison with Ms. Braham and Mr. Barwick.