Mandatory student security patrols begin soon

With school safety and security concerns gaining more and more attention across the country, St. Pius X has renewed its efforts to protect its students. Security guards, metal detectors, and clear backpacks are strategies that some schools have implemented, St. Pius has decided to go in a different direction: a student-led campus patrol.

“Fantastic. Just fantastic,” Principal Steve Spellman said while explaining the new project that will be launched next school year. When asked to elaborate, he said, “It’s just a really fantastic idea led by a fantastic group of students to help make our already fantastic school even more fantastic.”

While details are still being finalized, the basic plan involves groups of students servicing the school 24/7.

“You know how freshman homerooms are assigned lunch cleaning duties each week?” Dean of Students Dr. Edye Simpson said. “Well it’s just like that, except in addition to cleaning the cafeteria, the students will also have assigned to security jobs morning, noon, and night. Crime doesn’t sleep, and neither will our freshmen.”

In order to maintain around the clock vigilance, students will miss certain classes a few times each week, “but they’re just freshmen, so they’ll have plenty of time the next three years to catch up on what they’ve missed,” Dr. Simpson reasoned.

Not only is the cost of security free because it’s mandated service, but the duties will also help instill the grit and determination that’s lacking among many teenagers in this world of entitlement, privilege, and helicopter parents.

“It’s really just such a fantastic idea,” Mr. Spellman said.

For those concerned that freshmen may not have the brains and brawn needed for such a huge responsibility, have no fear because another fantastic idea is here. Instead of repeated rule breakers serving Saturday School, they’ll now go on a 12-hour watch on weeknights for a solid week.

“If they don’t have time to follow our rules, then they don’t need time to sleep,” Dr. Simpson said.

Senior class co-president is completely supportive of the new security efforts.

“The patrol is a no-brainer,” he said. “We have our fair share of intimidating students, and I’m sure any intruder would take them seriously.”

Senior Will Briones, on the other hand, isn’t so sure.

“It’s not really reassuring to know a bunch of freshmen are going to be the first line of defense,” he said. “Most of those kids get run over in the hallways, so how are they supposed to be intimidating?”

Mr. Spellman said he’ll be monitoring the new plan next year when it officially begins. “Only time will tell if the freshmen have what it takes to earn their keep, but I’m pretty sure it will work. It’s a fantastic idea,” he said with enthusiasm.