JoJo Siwa is coming to St. Pius X


JoJo Siwa rocks her new school uniform while visiting St. Pius X.

Most people know the current YouTube sensation, late TickTocker, and former Dance Moms guest JoJo Siwa because her face is plastered all over practically any Target or Walmart store you enter. Now, Siwa’s face is going to begin to appear all over St. Pius too.

Siwa decided she was moving from LA to Atlanta recently and picked St. Pius as her future school.

“It was between Pius and Wesleyan, but once I found out that cringey old YouTube rapper Matty B goes to Wesleyan, I decided immediately that I wanted to go to Pius.”

Not only will she join the Sophomore class next year, she also is planning on branding Pius as well.

“This place definitely can use some bedazzling,” Siwa said as she walked around the school, putting bows on everything and hanging pictures of herself on all the walls.

“If she’s coming next year I’m quitting,” Head of Maintenance Mr. Jay Hoxie said, clutching a Jojo Siwa poster in his hand angrily.  “I spent my entire Christmas break getting rid of all of those bows and posters before the students came back. I have a family, man. I don’t get paid enough for this.”

When Siwa comes to St. Pius, she plans to use every second she has, whether it’s her lunch break or in between classes, to sell merch.

“I’m going to have stands set up all over the school so I can get to one no matter where I am to sell some quick stuff. I’m planning on even having one on the football field,” Siwa said with glee. “I’ll be selling everything from my customized dog costumes to my Barbie™ dolls and friendship bracelet kits.” And of course, she’ll be selling her iconic bows.

Siwa said that she’s been trying to keep her move to St. Pius a secret since she wants it to be “a pleasant surprise.”

One thing’s for certain: it won’t be a pleasant surprise, at least for Mr. Hoxie.