Big Binks chocolate bunnies are a hit in the Roar Store


Junior Kyleigh Duncan hugs her Big Binks after winning it in a Roar Store raffle last month.

Luke Tillery, Staff Writer

The Big Binks chocolate bunny is a sweet treat that’s been popular during the Easter season over the past several decades. Manufactured by the R M Palmer Company, the classic Big Binks is a two-pound hollow milk chocolate bunny that features handmade icing for its eyes and large bowtie, and there are also versions that vary in size and flavor.

These bunnies are packaged in eye-catching boxes, making it the perfect gift for Easter baskets.

The Roar Store recently raffled off two Big Binks, a fun event that was the talk among students throughout the school for weeks.

Roar Store manager Mrs. Karoline Brenna said she got the idea on a trip to Sam’s Club when she was walking down an aisle. 

“He looked at me and I looked at him and I said, we must have that,” Mrs. Brennan said. 

When she returned to the Roar Store, she and her co-workers decided to have a raffle for students.

“You guys are grinding it every day, and you’ve got to come in here and have some fun,” she said.

Senior Will Waters and junior Kyleigh Duncan were the winners, and rumor has it that they’re still working to finish eating their Big Binks.

Maybe one day the Roar Store will host a Big Binks eating contest featuring faculty and staff.

Mrs. Brennan said her dream team who could finish it the fastest would be, “Mr. Hill and Ms. Curlette.”

So who knows, the Big Binks raffle could become a new tradition here at St. Pius X, or even stepping-stone to a future eating competition.